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Jisu at Nintendo of America

Jisu at Nintendo of America


Jisu is an aspiring young creative who hails from the Midwest. Growing up, she was an avid creator that always went above and beyond in all creative areas. At the age of 17, she launched her own online brand that holds a strong fanbase and is represented through Jisu.Design today. With a keen interest in competitive videogames, film, and fashion, she aspires to bring her creative influence to these fields. View her portfolio

Some notable work:

  • Commissioned by Twitch

  • Featured on Twitch front page

  • First-partnered artist with Corsair (2016-2017)

  • Commissioned by Corsair

  • Various work for many gaming and entertainment personalities

Jisu at Sakura-Con challenging fans for discounts off her products

Jisu at Sakura-Con challenging fans for discounts off her products

current whereabouts

Nowadays you can find her online through social media (facebook, twitter, instagram) or at an event, meeting fans new and old. She also streams art and gaming occasionally on her twitch channel. Her focus remains self-studying and working on various projects, both personal and commercial.

To contact her for work, please e-mail jisuchoeart@gmail.com. To find out where she's headed to next, you can view her event schedule and follow her on social media: facebook, twitter, instagram