Commission FAQ

I want to commission you but it's out of my price range

I get requests for commissions all the time but have only taken on a few. I spend a lot of time on all my pieces and that goes for any client or commission work as well. In order to maintain the same level of quality, I must price my commissions so that I have the peace of mind to spend as much time on them as needed, without taking away from my other responsibilities.

I want to commission you but it's sold out!

To echo my answer before-- in order to maintain the same level of quality I must limit how many commissions I can do. I normally don't even offer them publicly, but due to high demand I am offering a few slots to give opportunity to those who really want one.

I commissioned you! Does that mean I can reproduce the work and use it elsewhere?

Any commissions can be used for non-profit purposes (eg. a profile picture, or printed onto a personal t-shirt), but cannot be mass-produced or used for any business ventures. If you would like to commission me for business work please email me at!

How much creative control do I have as the client?

To be very frank-- I am very bad at drawing things I don't want to draw. It's my belief that if you commission an artist, you are commissioning them for their vision. I can work with themes and general instructions of course, but if you are commissioning me please understand that I am taking your prompt and giving my interpretation.

How often will you send updates?

I send updates pretty regularly! I will send updates at each step: initial concept, finalized sketch, and then a couple progress pics until finish. Generally, you will have a good idea of what the piece should look like after we finalize the initial sketch

For any other questions please email me at! Thank you ♥