NFT Collector FAQ

Where do you sell all your work?

I am officially on Foundation, OpenSea, and SuperRare 💎

Does owning your work entitle me to your copyright?

Owning one of my NFTs does not entitle you to any creative license to my work. I maintain all creative licenses unless otherwise specified.

Do you reproduce your 1/1s as physical merchandise?

Yes! I print my work as physical merchandise such as art prints & apparel to maintain an affordable entry point for anyone who'd like to support my work. As the owner of the NFT however, you maintain the original copy. In an effort to continue building my brand I'd like to maintain such rights! But, if you are really in love with a piece of mine and would like to refrain from the reproduction of it-- let me know! We can work something out.

Does collecting your work earn me any special benefits?

Collecting my work enables me to continue creating my true visions! At the moment I do not specialize in any utilities (eg. whitelisting) but for future projects I will extend the best benefits to all collectors.

Any other questions! Please email me: